Marble Canyon, British Columbia Watercolor Landscape Painting

"Marble Canyon" original watercolor - for sale in my Original Art Shop
I love this view of Marble Canyon in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia. The water is an incredible pale blue-green color and paired with the golds and oranges of autumn, it is even more spectacular.
A friend took a trip there (lucky him because it is a gorgeous place) and let me use his photo as inspiration for a painting.
It was fun to paint this 5x7 watercolor. Painting rapids and swirling water is one of my favorite things. Photographs, unless they are amazing photographs, often cannot capture the feel, so I accentuated the gushing of water over the rocks. Hopefully you can hear the roar.

Including reflections is important in a painting of water. There were only a couple of places I could paint reflections in this piece due to the energetic nature of the rapids, but the large rock on the left was a perfect place to get in a reflection.

The rocks in the canyon are interesting formations. Since they would look dull and boring if painted with a flat gray, I mixed blues, reds and yellows on the watercolor paper to make the gray. Then I incorporated russet colors from the background autumn trees into the rocks to unify the piece.

It was a beautiful scene to paint, now I want to go there!

"Marble Canyon" original watercolor painting is for sale in my Original Art Shop!

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kathleen skinner said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. Good work!

Janet Zeh said...

Glad you like it, Kathleen. I appreciate your comment!