Snowy Owl Original Watercolor Painting

"Snowy Owl" - for sale in my shop!
Owls are amazing creatures. Their haunting hoots echo mysteriously through the dark glades of the forest. They fly on soundless wings without a rustle and if you don't happen to look up, you will never know one passed by.

I had always thought they are only nocturnal birds - and they do indeed wake me up when the windows are open on many a spring and summer night. But on my many walks, I often pass by a deep dark patch of evergreen forest and whether it is morning, afternoon or evening, the owls are often hooting from the depths of it.

It's always a pleasure to see an owl in the wild because it happens unexpectedly. I have seen and heard Great Horned Owls and Barred Owls, Screech Owls, barn owls and little saw whet owls.

Snowy Owls are only seen in my area in the winter months and not every winter. They nest in the Arctic tundras during the warmer months and many stay there all year. Others will fly south during winter favoring open areas like lakes, grassy fields and shorelines that remind them of the tundra. They are large birds, sometimes growing to 2 ft in height and their wingspan can reach almost 5 feet. Amazing! This winter, there have been unusually large numbers of them sighted all across the northern U.S. which is very exciting for owl lovers.

I had done a miniature ACEO some time ago of this owl. One of my art students saw a print of it and wanted me to demo a painting for her.  I love painting owls and was delighted to paint this one!

"Snowy Owl" original watercolor - available in my Original Art Shop!

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