Pomeranians continued - Dog Pet Portrait in Watercolor

I've adjusted Huney Bear's coloring to be a bit more muted brown and now it's time to start Ginger's portrait. (click here to see Huney Bear's demonstration)

Ginger is a petite girl Pomeranian, a little under 5 pounds. Like Huney Bear, she is very soft and fluffy with a friendly personality. I'll aim to convey that in this portrait.

Starting out, I paint some of the brown areas of her head then put in the shadows in the white fur areas. I'll need to soften all the edges around her the same way I did with Huney Bear.

You can see some of the softer edges in this picture. I still need to work on the upper left and top of her head.

I've also begun adding details of fur and some of the facial details.

When the eyes are painted, she begins to look like herself!

There is always more to do before the portrait is finished, though, so I spend time adjusting shadows, facial and fur details until I'm satisfied. Not surprisingly, details and final adjustments take the most time.
Here are the two Pomeranians: Ginger and Huney Bear. Aren't they sweet?

Do you have precious pets you'd like painted? Check out the details here, ZehPetPortraits.com or contact me.


Nicole, pomeranians lover said...

Wow! That's watercolor? It seems to be a real picture! It looks so real. I wish have talent like that. Cute Pom!

Janet Zeh said...

Nicole - thanks so much! Glad you like it. Sounds like you have a pomeranian? :)

Beth said...

The picture is very sweet and adorable. Beautiful work.

Janet Zeh said...

Thank you Beth. I had two great models to work with!