Goldfinch in a Crabapple Tree, Watercolor ACEO Painting

I am so looking forward to Spring since it's been such a snowy winter so far.

So, here is a Springtime painting for you. The crabapple blossoms are just beginning to open and the finch has put on his bright yellow coat after being a drab brownish color all winter.

This painting is sold, but contact me if you would like a print or a painting done just for you.

Thanks for stopping by today to share a breath of Spring!


Dipti said...

Very nice painting. Beautiful bird..This bird usually visible in spring time.. Now a days rarely i see these birds... Thanks for sharing..

Janet Zeh said...

Thank you Dipti. Yes, this bird can be seen in the Spring. It migrates South in winter or, if it stays, it's colors change and it is not bright yellow.
Glad you enjoy the painting!