Bunny and Chick in the Crocus Garden watercolor

Bunny and Chick watercolor paintingA wild cottontail rabbit, on its way to munch in my crocus garden, has stopped to curiously check out this little chick. The fuzzy chick is just as interested.
Bunnies are so cute that I don't complain much when they nibble my flowers. There are at least two of them and they seem almost tame. When I walk by, they don't give me so much as a glance. Watching them munching weeds surrounded by birds at the feeders and the new chicks at the neighbor's house gave me the idea for this sweet little scene.


Kessie said...

Cute chick and bunny! I love the structure of the bunny's face. For some reason it looks like the chick and the bunny are about to have some tea. Maybe it's the Beatrix Potter I've been reading to my kids. :-)

Janet Zeh said...

Oh yes - tea - How fun! Isn't Beatrix Potter great? It does have that feeling, you're right. :)