Thursday, March 25, 2010

French Lilacs oil painting

Beautiful and very fragrant, French Lilacs are a favorite! An oil painting can keep the memory of these lovely flowers blooming all year.
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Kessie said...

Was this one painted with only the three colors? The purples seem more vibrant than in your other paintings.

Janet Zeh said...

No, I am only using the single primary palette of three colors right now with watercolors and this one is an oil painting.

With oils I'm using a DOUBLE primary palette instead of a single. This means a cool and a warm of each of the three primary colors - so six colors rather than three. Great question - you are very observant! :)

Kessie said...

*chuckles* Thanks! I love art and I'm always trying to improve my own.

A cool and a warm of each color ... that would give you a more vibrant palette, all right! You're making me want to go paint some still lifes.

Janet Zeh said...

Well get painting and have fun! :)