New England Farmhouse - Watercolor Painting

This farmhouse is just down the road from where I live. It's one of the many small farms in my area. I think this scene exemplifies the spirit of country folk: the practicality and national pride. A weathervane sits outside the kitchen window where the inhabitants can tell at a glance which way the wind is blowing. A tractor sits ready for the owner to jump back on it and get out to the fields. A US flag flies proudly and the fence is decorated for Independence Day celebrations, although the decorations stay up year-round!
If you stop by for a visit on a hot summer day, you're likely to be served a tall iced tea and all the latest small town news. The lady of the house will tell you proudly of one grandson serving in the military and point to the big house up on the hill that is another grandson's home. Stay and chat long enough and you may be just in time for the fresh apple pie coming out of the oven. They'll be glad to share it with you!
  • This painting has been sold.

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