Northern Mockingbird

We don't get many mockingbirds here lately and I wonder if it's because the gray catbird has taken over my garden. They are of the same family and perhaps they'd be competing for food. At any rate, when I do see or hear one, it's a treat these days! I've painted this bird with maple leaves turned autumn-orange in front of a pine tree's branches.
Here are some interesting facts about the northern mockingbird:

It sings a varied song with much imitation of other birds repeated again and again in a succession.

The male mockingbird sings throughout the year and will change its repertoire to fit the spring or fall season.

It often sings at night especially when there is a full moon.

The mockingbird will add new songs to its repertoire throughout its life.

This bird has large white wing patches which it will flash by opening and closing its wings. It also has white bars at the edges of its tail. You can recognize a mockingbird in flight by these white patches.

  • This painting has been sold.

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