Black-capped Chickadee

Even though autumn has bared most of the trees here, my viburnum shrubs that form a natural border at the edge of the property still have their leaves along with some bright red berries that the birds have not eaten. The shrubs are situated close to the bird feeders and are a convenient place for birds to sit between trips to snatch a seed.
What can I say about chickadees? It's difficult to take them very seriously. In fact, every time I do a chickadee painting, I have to smile at it. They are so darn cute that, hard as I try to paint a serious painting, it just ends up an adorable one.
These little birds are so friendly and unafraid of people (at least the people who fill the birdfeeders) that several times I've grabbed a feeder to open the top and put seed in it only to have a chickadee fly from the other side just millimeters from my fingers. It happened the other day. But I'm not worried about accidentally grabbing one. They're much too quick for that!

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