Purple Clematis Flowers Original Watercolor Floral Painting

So excited today to see the buds forming on my clematis vine!

This particular clematis, a pale purple variety, has not been easy to grow. The vine is delicate and has taken a long time to establish.

But each year, there are more flowers to show for my patience. And they are so pretty when in bloom!
Last summer when it was in full bloom, I found the composition of leaves, vines and flowers compelling. I went inside to grab paints, brushes and paper and came back out to paint a vignette:

This is the final result:

Purple Clematis 15x11 Watercolor Painting

They are such pretty flowers, perhaps I'll paint a companion piece when the buds bloom this year.

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Julie L Bjerke said...

I stumbled on your blog art page today. The way you are applying water color and the lends the wonderful results.
This is a truly lovely floral

Janet Zeh said...

Thank you Julie - so glad you like it. I loved how this painting turned out.