Northern Cardinal in the Snow Winter Watercolor Original Painting

It's a winter wonderland here (again!).  There is almost 4 feet of snow accumulation with more on the way.

In between shoveling snow all of February and working on custom paintings, I took some time to do a watercolor painting of a female cardinal in one of the spruce trees outside my studio window.

Some birds such as cardinals remain here throughout the winter dining on whatever seeds they can find. The male cardinals are bright red all over, but I like the females too with their more subtle olive-brown color and just a touch of red on their crests, wings and tails.

Here she is fluffed up to stay warm in the cold winter weather:

Northern Cardinal in the Snow watercolor painting detail

As you can see, this is a vignette - the painting fades out leaving some of the background white. It's a nice way to do a quick sketch and it looks great in a frame like this:

This painting is sold.

PS: yesterday I saw a Robin in my crab apple tree. The return of the Robins from their winter stay in the South means Spring is on the way - yay! And Spring means blossoms, birds, warm weather and plenty of painting inspiration!

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