Custom Painting of Children and Mountains Scene in Watercolor

What could be more fun than painting a beautiful landscape with brightly dressed and adorable children in the foreground?

A new client asked me to combine two photographs to make an 11x14 inch custom watercolor painting: one of the children as they sit on the grass, the other of a spectacular scene from the family's mountain home.

So I sketch up a composition with the children in the foreground and transfer it to watercolor paper. In the photo above (click to see larger), are the beginnings of the painting. I have painted a blue sky full of soft clouds and some undertones for the mountains. 

Since I like to paint the focal point last (in this case the children), I paint around them adding green tones for the grassy hills in the foreground (below) mixed from yellow and blue. I add touches of red paint to the green wash. This both tones down the grass and makes it warmer and more lifelike.

Now it's time to add tree details to the far hills. The light is coming from the upper right, so I paint shadows on the left:

Here is the painting so far with the background mostly done:

Time to paint the children's pretty colored dresses and shirts:

Then I paint their skin tones and hair. Last, I take extra time to adjust colors, highlights and shadows throughout the painting until I'm satisfied. Once I'm happy with it, I send an image to the client. She is thrilled (yay!) so the painting is completed:

Children and Mountains Custom Watercolor Painting
Six Children at the Mountains 11x14 Custom Watercolor

I'm happy to take custom orders. Contact me for a custom painting of your pet, home, garden, grandkids, favorite vacation spot or whatever your heart desires.
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