Hibiscus White Rose of Sharon Flowers Watercolor Painting

White rose of sharon flowers blooming in my garden
Just finished another rush order and feeling the need to relax! My Rose of Sharon shrub is blooming like crazy out front - that's a photo of some of the flowers to the left. I couldn't resist doing a small painting of them just for fun.

So I got out a 5x7 inch piece of watercolor paper and started splashing paint around. You can see the splashing and the final results below:

After drawing some flowers loosely right on the watercolor paper (I didn't even bother to do a practice sketch as I usually do), I wet the background and plopped in two colors of blue and yellow. That's raw sienna yellow you see to the left along with Winsor blue and French ultramarine blue.

Painting wet-into-wet is one of the most fun things about watercolor. You don't have to worry much about where the colors will go because they decide that for themselves! When the paper is wet, the blue and yellow run together forming various shades of green.

Now I do the same with the shadow areas of the flowers, using blues, reds and a tiny bit of yellow. See how the colors are blending together?

Adding some deep red to the center and colors for the stamen makes the flower begin to look like something!

Leaves and buds are painted with brighter yellow and blue than the background to make them stand out:

With white flowers, I usually like to make a good part of the background dark. It really helps to pop the flowers. So I paint some darker blues over the background in places.

Below is the finished painting. You can click the image to see it a bit larger:

Now that was a fun painting to do!

Rose of Sharon Hibiscus is sold. You can find more of my original flower art in my Original Art Shop..

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