Eastern Phoebe and Purple Clematis Flowers Watercolor

A phoebe sits on a post among clematis flowers
'Phoebe & Clematis'  7x5 inch watercolor

Eastern Phoebes are delightful birds! This little bird has been around my studio all summer. We noticed her nest on the downspout right under the roof overhang -  a favorite place for Phoebe nests.

Every morning, she or her mate starts at the crack of dawn with their 'Fee-bree' call. And then it continues all day sometimes.

photo of an eastern phoebe on a fence post
Being a Phoebe, she is a fly catcher. She sits on a post, then swoops down to snatch a bug in the air.

She can sit still for quite a long time, so I was able to get a pretty good photo of her on a fence post. The netting keeps deer out of my flower gardens.

This photo along with my purple clematis growing nearby was the inspiration for the watercolor.

Here is the watercolor in progress when I've just started putting some washes of paint on the bird and one of the flowers:

phoebe painting in progress

I was so engrossed in my work that this was the only photo I took before the painting was done.

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An additional white border makes this bird painting easy to mat

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