My Open Studio 2011

The past two days were a fabulous weekend. I had invited an exclusive group of my local collectors to an Open Studio event and many came. We had a great time and they all went home with new pieces of art under their arms!

Here are some pics of my set up before the crowds arrived:

There are small paintings on the table and my larger framed paintings on the display racks. Those racks are used for outdoor shows as well, but when not used at a show, they stay up in my studio - that's how I store the framed paintings. I like it much better than keeping them stashed away somewhere in a dark closet - they need room to breathe! And that way I don't forget what I have.

One of the first to show up for the Open Studio was Susan, a good friend and collector of many years. She brought her friend Christine and Christine was instantly attracted to this painting of Newport, Rhode Island...

So she took it home. She and her husband spent their honeymoon in Newport - perfect! I did not have it labeled Newport, but somehow she knew where it was.

When Norb and Julie stopped by, they fell in love with this oil painting.  They were floating on air as they brought it out to the car.

This painting did not sell online even though it was featured in my newsletters and on my website. I think that's because it's a local scene and only local people can relate.

Sometimes a painting has to wait for the right people to find it. But when they do, it's just the best thing!
This is another local scene. I don't know how people do it, but even when I do not list where the painting was done, they can tell. At least my local people do.

When Paula caught sight of this one, she asked me if it was Hall's Pond. Indeed it was. How did she know? I have no idea, but she connected to it immediately and now Ice Fishing also has a brand new home - at Paula's!
These cute little juncos went home with one of my painting students.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: It was not just an Open Studio, it was an EVENT! Meaning, there was more fun to be had than just looking at artwork, although that's fun enough in itself.

Prizes! Everyone who came got to pick a piece of folded paper. Then they could read what they had won. Some won a wrapped present from THE BASKET:

Others won 10% off their purchase. There was a prize for a 5x7 pet portrait in there somewhere, but no one ever picked it. Perhaps next year. We enjoyed hot mulled cider and apple spice cake, pumpkin bread, cranberry bread and big purple grapes.  At least those of us who were not watching our calories. I can't show a picture because I forgot and now it's all gone...

More and more paintings went home with happy collectors.

And koi fish... 

And a mushroom...
And an oak tree with an owl in the branches. Although that one has to be framed, so it did not go to its new home quite yet.

And lots and lots and LOTS of boxed note card sets. Did I say lots?

 And matted prints...
And more prints and more paintings. I've lost track.

Everyone wanted to meet Ferdinand and Nina!

The best part was seeing friendly smiling faces coming in the door, some of whom I have not seen in a year or two...or three. Taking time to chat and catch up. I wish my online collectors could have been there. Open Studios are fun!


Tim Payne said...

Hello, thanks for sharing your open studio event. I am the one who asked you a question on ebay, Tim at okaykrafts, and wanted to drop a line to say hello, and how inspirational you are. Makes me want to paint some more! Thank you, and God Bless. Tim

Janet Zeh said...

Tim, thank you for the comment, I do appreciate it. Glad to be a source of inspiration and I hope you do paint more. Here's to painting! Blessings back to you. Janet