Hummingbird, Red Bee Balm, Crabapple Tree - Painting Outdoors

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday, that I could not stay inside. All plans for whatever I was GOING to paint went out the window as I headed out the door with paintbrush, palette and watercolor paper to paint in the garden.

The first painting I did yesterday was of the red bee balm blooming by the side of the house. I did not see the hummingbird fly to the flowers, but I heard him buzz by my head. So he was most likely waiting for me to finish the painting and be gone. That's what I did.

The second painting I did was totally unexpected. I'd set up my stuff underneath the crabapple tree and meant to paint the hydrangea flowers blooming in front of me.

However, I had not brought out the umbrella, so there were dappled sunlight and shadows on my paper meaning it would be difficult to see what I was doing. Rather than fight it, I just went with it and painted the shadows on my paper. This is what resulted. Lots of fun, and what a great day!


Studio at the Farm said...

Love the hummingbird with the red bee balm.

Janet Zeh said...

Thank you! It was fun to paint.

Jane said...

These are beautiful, Janet!

Janet Zeh said...

Hi Jane, Thanks for the comment! Glad you like them. :)