Purple Columbine Flowers & Hummingbird

Purple Columbine and Hummingbird watercolor

The columbine flowers in my garden
With the lovely weather we've been having the last few days, I took my palette outdoors and sat down on some stone steps to paint the purple columbine flowers blooming in my garden. While quietly painting, I heard the buzzing of what sounded like a gigantic bee. And there it was, a ruby-throated hummingbird which visits these flowers daily while they are in bloom. As he flew from flower to flower, I added him to the painting. Perfect!
  • The original has been sold, but check for more of my bird art in my Etsy shop, JanetZeh.Etsy.com. Thanks and have a beautiful day!


Kessie said...

The hummingbird adds just the perfect splash of life to this painting. I love the gorgeous purples of the flowers, too. :-)

Janet Zeh said...

Thanks much! Glad you like it. The rose red mixes to make a nice purple, I agree.