White-tailed Tropicbird at Hawaii Shore - Watercolor Painting

This is a beautiful bird, and if you are lucky enough to see one swooping over your head at close range, it can take your breath away! The pure white of its feathers reflects the colors of the tropical ocean.
White-tailed tropicbirds are seen on tropical islands in the Atlantic and Pacific where they will come in from the ocean to breed in spring. They lay a single egg into a small hole in a coral cliff or in the ground. The rest of the year, they remain largely out at sea. In Bermuda, where I had the pleasure of seeing them, they are called Longtails.
This scene is a Hawaiian beach late in the day. A tropicbird is searching for food before dark. I am very pleased with the sky and the reflection of the sunset colors in this painting. When painting sky with watercolors, it's such a delight because you never know exactly how it will turn out. You wet the paper in just the right spots, drop in the paint and see what happens!

  • This painting has been sold but let me know if you would like a similar painting. I'll be happy to create it for you!

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