Black & White Short-hair Cat, "Miss Alice" - Watercolor Painting

This delightful kitty was rescued from a shelter by some kind-hearted folks whom I know when she was a kitten. They had intended to only foster her until a home could be found, but she won their hearts and she's found a permanent home with them. Though they soon discovered Alice is deaf, she exhibits some very amazing behavior for a cat.
First of all, Alice loves her cat carrier and runs to the door when she sees someone about to go out. She wants to go for a ride in the car too! Does this cat realize she's a CAT?? It gets better... If someone in the household takes a shower, Miss Alice jumps right in. She gets herself all soaking wet, purring all the while the warm water pours over her. Then, she totally expects to be blow dried and brushed. That's when Alice seems like she's in heaven!
This is not like any cat I know. My own freaked when exposed to water or a cat carrier. But Alice is a special cat. Anyone who ever meets her at once feels the calm and warmth this kitty exudes. What a good thing it is that she was rescued!
  • This painting has been sold.

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