St. David's Lighthouse, Bermuda

Here is a beauty for those of you who love lighthouses. St. David's Lighthouse is located on St. David's Island in the parish of St. George's on the northeastern tip of Bermuda. It overlooks the Bermuda south shore. Built in 1879, it has a fixed white light which was originally a kerosene lantern and is now petroleum vapor. The tower stands 55 ft. high to the lantern.
I loved painting this one with its attractive red band. I got this view of the lighthouse from way across the bay and I added the ocean in the background. The reference photo I took was a good test for my new camera's zoom feature. Happily, for a little camera, it is quite powerful! In this scene, the warm ocean breeze rustles the trees as the sun appears from behind clouds to light up the this magnificent lighthouse
  • This painting has been sold, but you can order a print or custom painting. Just contact me by using the link in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page.

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