Beached Boat Custom Oil Painting

Detail of 20x16 oil painting
An overturned canoe on a white sand beach is a classic scene for an oil painting and this custom commission has turned out to be one of my favorites!

The lagoon is the same as the one in the lagoon and dock painting I demonstrated last week, but the time of day is different.

While the other showed the scene at midday, the lighting in this scene is reminiscent of the quiet of early morning. I captured that effect using color, light and shadow. Read on to see the results:

Let's begin at the very top of the painting with the water of the lagoon. I keep the blue tones very soft with a faint reflection of the sun on the middle right:

Working my way down toward the beach, I add a couple of ducks that are present in the original photo. I use a peach color in the water near the shoreline to indicate a sandy bottom showing through:

On the left of the beach are some green shrubs which I brush in with quick strokes (below). You can click to see this larger.
The sand is a mixture of white, raw sienna and blue. Since it is early morning. all the shadows are soft and muted:

In the foreground are beach grasses which are also painted with just a few strokes:

I paint the boat in more detail, but with muted colors keeping the shadows soft without a lot of contrast:

Below is the finished painting. In the early morning stillness, you can almost can hear the ducks paddling and the gentle ripples coming in to shore.

An old overturned canoe rests in the sand in this custom oil painting
Beached Boat on a Sandy Shore 20x16 custom oil painting
 Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy this scene as much as I do!

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