Pet Portrait of an Apricot Poodle in Watercolor

Lars is a cute apricot poodle who likes to wear colorful bandanas with his name on them. It seems that he has quite the wardrobe! His portrait was the last commissioned painting I was able to complete for Christmas delivery (and I was happy to hear from the client that it arrived in time - yay!)
I did not take many photos of the process being so intent on getting the painting done, but I did get a few. So if you'd like to see how this pet portrait is completed, read on... or click here to skip to the finished painting

The background comes first. I decide that something suggesting outdoor greenery would be fitting since he is fond of going out for walks. And the color is a nice contrast with his apricot fur. I also do some soft washes for his coat color:

Next I add some details to give the impression of fur. I have to be very careful to not get too dark here since his coat is a light color. I use cadmium yellow, cadmium red, ultramarine, Windsor blue and burnt sienna mixed with plenty of water to portray the colors.

More details come next - his hazel eyes, nose and mouth:

I work for many hours adjusting the details and then I paint his Halloween bandana making sure his name shows clearly. Once I am satisfied with everything the portrait is finished. The client is happy - I hope her gift recipient will enjoy this portrait of Lars!

Pet Portrait of an Apricot Poodle
Lars - apricot poodle pet portrait in watercolor 7x5 inches
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