Trout Stream Watercolor River Painting

Trout Stream River Painting in watercolor
Trout Stream fine art print

Have you ever sat beside a stony stream and watched it flow, listening to it bubble and gurgle over the rocks? Peaceful, isn't it? I think that is part of the allure of fishing. The last commission I did, "Our River" in oils, reminded me of such a place.  It inspired me to do a watercolor of a similar stream and add a fish rather than a fisherman.

In this scene, a rainbow trout leaps out of the water to catch some flying insects. It is still early morning and a bit of mist softens the trees in the distance. The only sound is the burbling of the stream and the splash of the fish as it jumps.

It was fun to splash paint onto the paper for this piece. I kept the brushstrokes very loose and the details to a minimum in order to create a sketchy, impressionist effect. I like how it came out. Perhaps I'll do more watercolor sketches.

The original painting is sold, but you can get a fine art print of this piece here: Trout Stream fine art print.

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