Mosaic Resurrection Outdoor Mural - a Home at Last!

Very excited today to see that the housing for an outdoor ceramic mosaic mural I created seven years ago will finally have a home!

That's the new home on the left (without the mural which is not yet installed). The mosaic was commissioned by St. Philips Church in Ashford, CT way back in 2006. Wow, could it have been that long ago?

It was scheduled to be installed in 2007. But due to several changes of pastors during and after its creation, the project was put on hold. And the mosaic mural was stashed away (but very carefully, fortunately - it is 6 feet tall and weighs a ton!) for the future.

But this past year, under the direction of a new pastor who appreciates art, a small group of parishioners, one of whom is a stone mason, came together to build this marvelous structure!

This gives you an idea of the size:

The mosaic will be installed where you see bricks. Isn't the stonework beautiful?

The installation is at the end of a walkway along which are the stations of the cross. The walkway and the structure above were built by members of St. Philip's Knights of Columbus and stone mason Jim Ference.  Below are pictures of parts of the mosaic that I took when I finished it:

This shows most of the mosaic
Much of the tile for this mosaic mural was donated by parishioners who brought in their leftovers from tiling walls, floors and counter tops. I smashed the tile and pieced them together. But the head and skin areas are ceramic mosaic tile imported from Italy.

I built the mosaic on 2 inch roofing plywood and used outdoor adhesive and grouting to accommodate weather fluctuations. It took eight months from start to finish to complete the mural.

I am told that the mosaic is being brought to a shop to have a frame built around it. When that is completed, it will be installed and there will be a dedication. I can't wait to see it!

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