Three Ducklings and Purple Tulips Watercolor Custom Painting

The latest custom painting I have been working on is a bit different.
A woman who found my ducklings with tulips painting that you see on the left, wanted an image with three ducklings for a tattoo.
(She has three children whom she always called "my ducklings" Sweet? And she loves purple tulips.)

After discussing the idea, we decided that I would paint a 5x7 watercolor of the same scene except with three ducklings.

The tattoo artist will work from the new image after the artist signs a licensing agreement for use of the image. Now the client will have two pieces of art - an original watercolor and a tattoo. How exciting!

I'll show how I did this piece below. Skip to finished painting

OK, so the best thing to do is start with a sketch and see if the client likes the composition:

She does! "I absolutely love the sketch! I didn't know exactly how I wanted it to look, but you did. It's perfect."

Great! Now I can continue with painting the piece. I transfer the drawing to watercolor paper and start painting the background and tulips:

The client wants the tulips a brighter shade of purple, so I use different colors than in the first painting.

When the background is finished, I paint the ducklings since I like to work top to bottom:

Well, that just upped the cuteness factor! Ducklings are so sweet.

Next I'll put details in the rocks by the pond edge and start the pond. I begin by painting the water a pale blue, then adding reflections of the rocks, the leaves and flowers and the ducklings.

When the reflections are finished, the painting is done! You can click the image to see it larger:

This piece was so much fun to work on and I hope it brings many smiles to the new owner!

I'm happy to take custom orders. Please contact me for a custom painting of your pet, home, garden, grandkids, favorite vacation spot or whatever your heart desires.
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