Calli the Calico Cat Pet Portrait in Oil on Panel

Detail of Calli - oil painting
Pet portraits are fun to do. This portrait is of a pretty gray, tan and white calico cat named Calli who is very loving and sweet.

The client wanted her painted in oils. Since the painting is small, I painted it on archival panel smoothly coated with gesso.

Keep reading and I'll show you how I did the painting. The full pet portrait is pictured at the end of the post.

The client requested a blue background. I  paint the background first realizing that it may need adjustment later.
Then I start on the ears...

I had mixed some tan color, so painted it wherever she had that color. Next I start to add the gray...

Below is the painting so far.  The photo that I am using as reference is to the right.

After painting most of the fur keeping it darker on the left (since the light is coming slightly from the right), I start on some details...

Ear tufts...

Green eyes...

 Once the eyes are finished Calli is almost done, but something is missing. Can you see what it is below?

Yes, the whiskers! No cat should be without them. But first, I see something else that needs to be fixed.

Though I love the blue background, it now looks too bright and competes with the softness of the cat. So I use a lighter, softer blue that is grayed a bit to repaint the background before painting in the whiskers. It will be easier to paint whiskers into wet paint.

And there she is below, whiskers and all! I used a fine brush and quick strokes to make the whiskers. Then I brushed some of the surrounding wet paint onto them to thin them out so they don't stand out too much. Now the painting just has to dry and Calli's portrait will be on its way to its new owner.

My next commission will be a watercolor painting of a different calico cat, so stayed tuned...

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