What Does a Hummingbird Do When Resting?

Ruby-throated hummingbirds have been visiting my flower garden this summer like they always do. I don't put out feeders, instead I make sure there are plenty of blossoms they like.

Sometimes I'm super lucky to have a hummingbird fly in when I'm taking a photo of flowers. When I try to get a pic of them flying, they don't cooperate.

Like this one visiting a trumpet flower:

Today, a female who was busy with the Bee Balm decides to take a break on my crab apple tree instead of buzzing off to the woods.  She sits there for about 10 minutes doing what hummingbirds do when they are not humming:

Hunker down to rest. She looks a bit tired, doesn't she?


She also looks a bit raggedy, like she needs a good brushing or something.

So it's time to preen. Which is just as good as a brushing.

Can't see her head there, but she shows the nice green feathers on her back.

Now sit up pretty - all fluffed and refreshed. Nice feather-do!

Next thing I know, she is off to find more flowers.

Maybe she will visit the Rose of Sharon like this female in another of my lucky photos:

Do hummingbirds visit your yard?

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