St. Lucia Caribbean Island Sunset watercolor painting demonstration

A few days ago, I received a request for a 5x7 custom painting of the beautiful waters of St. Lucia island at sunset.

The photograph that the client sent had a very large bright sun but the colors of the land, sea and clouds were gray and black against the bright light. Have you ever had that happen when you've taken a photo at sunset?

She asked if I could put more color into the painting. Of course, I said yes, because that is what I would do anyway!

Starting with the sky, I wet the paper and paint in cloud colors and sunset colors leaving the center of the sun dry so it will remain white:

Once the sky has color, I start on the land forms. Those that are farther away are paler and more muted. The closer promontory on the right has warmer and darker color. This makes it appear closer.

Next I add a wash of color to the water. I use a cooler blue near the farther mountains and a warmer turquoise up close, leaving white for the sun reflection:

Details of waves are added to the water next:

Once all the wave details are done,  I go back to adjust the clouds, the values of the mountains, and anything else that needs a touch-up. And now the painting is complete! A colorful sunset from the Caribbean.

I'm happy to take custom orders! Please contact me for a custom painting or to have a print made of a painting you like.
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