Roses, Dahlias, Sweet William, Shea Tree Part 2

The roses are painted, the Shea Tree and the Dahlias... Sweet William - it's your turn! If you missed Part 1, click here to see it.

There will be two mounds of this pretty flower each painted a different shade. The first one is magenta and white which will repeat the colors of the magenta and white dahlia which is out of view in the upper left:

Lovely with pink roses, isn't it?

The next mound of Sweet William to the right is pinker:

Once the flowers are dry, I add the details and shading to give them form. Then I cast a shadow across the bottom of the painting with a wash of blue paint so that only part of the flowers are in the sunlight:

There is a yellow dahlia on the left and I'd like to repeat that color on the right side of the painting. To do this, I add a soft yellow butterfly with magenta markings.

Here is the painting so far with only the fountain and patio left to do - I'll  also make fine-tuning adjustments, such as adding shadows to the lower left:

But not today. It's been a lovely day, if long and busy, and now it's late. So I'll finish the painting next time. See you then!

Click here to see Part 3 - painting the fountain and patio

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