Yellow Barn in Springtime - Watercolor custom painting

Here you see a photograph of a yellow barn in the snow. We have not had much snow in my area this winter and I did not take the photo. But Canada has had some snow. One of my Canadian collectors who has a nice collection of my barns in various seasons asked for a painting of a barn in Springtime.

She took a picture of this yellow barn since this is the barn she would like. We're going to make this a Springtime painting. Ready?

I like to draw the composition on the watercolor paper before painting, especially if it involves architecture. Above is the drawing with a nice, soft spring sky painted in.

Next I paint the barn with pale yellow adding a touch of blue and red to soften the color since we don't want a screaming yellow barn:

The windows, doors and roof come next. I use a mix of deep blue, red and yellow to make the gray tones:

And, since it's Springtime, a branch of apple blossoms would be nice in the upper right corner.

Another apple tree in bloom peeks out from behind the barn. The trees have leafed out with soft Spring greens:

Time to step away from the painting and take a look. This is what we have so far:

Now for the windmill. It makes a nice addition to the scene.

I've also added another branch or two of apple blossoms since there did not seem to be enough of them.

The foreground grasses are a soft yellow green. I leave patches of white to indicate clumps of tiny flowers blooming in the grass:

Two bluebirds and a fence complete the foreground:

And here is the finished scene - a winter landscape transformed to spring! You can click the image to see it larger:

Oh now looking at this, I TRULY can't wait for Spring to arrive!

I'm happy to take custom orders! Contact me for a custom painting or to have a print made of a painting you like.
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