A Happy Place - painting the foreground - commissioned oil painting demonstration

"A Happy Place" continues with painting the foreground. Now that the sky and far distant background of the painting are done, it's time to get some colors close up. Since this part is "closest" to the viewer, the colors will be warmer and brighter than the background colors. 

I start by painting the grassy areas, leaving large areas white for where I'll paint flowers.

Like a colorful flower bed in the lower right corner...

And blue hydrangeas in the lower left corner...

...remembering to continue the painting onto the sides of the canvas:

Now I can see that the pear tree needs some lighter leaves. It was looking a bit too dark.

So with a small brush, I highlight some of the leaves.

While we're highlighting, I add some to the trees on the far side of the lake.

It has turned out to be a lake after all. In the beginning sketch it was a pond with pond-y type things in it.

But by now, it's clear that the the pond wants to be a lake with the sky and the shoreline reflecting on it. Anything more will be too busy.

Fine. A lake it is.

Let's add a few more details. How about a hummingbird?

And a butterfly...

And more butterflies, because they are just so happy and sunny looking...

And little white flowers that bloom in the grass...

Here is how everything looks altogether so far. What do you think? You can click the images to see them bigger.

Next time, I'll be painting the animals and children. I hope you stop by to watch!

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