Dahlias, Red, Yellow and White Flower Watercolor Painting

Every couple of weeks, three students arrive at my studio for painting lessons. They are great fun to have here and sometimes they come bearing gifts, like vegetables and fruit from their gardens.
One of them has gorgeous flower gardens. The last time they came for class, she trotted up to my door with a beautiful bouquet of red and yellow Dahlia flowers with a white one hiding in the bunch.

I could not wait to paint them, they were so beautiful!

But my students were more interested in painting pumpkins than Dahlia flowers which they thought were a bit complicated, so as soon as they left, I got out an 8x10 sheet of watercolor paper, set the vase of flowers next to my easel and got to work.

So involved was I with painting, that I only stopped once to take a picture of my progress:

After some contemplation,  I decided to leave the background white.  I think it just looks right, what do you think?

Check my botanical flower gallery for more of my floral art prints. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a lovely day!

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