Water Lily Pond at the Dole Planation Tropical #31 Watercolor Painting

Pink waterlilies from a botanical garden pond in Hawaii
"Water Lilies"

If you have ever visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, you know that there is a fun train ride through the pineapple fields. You also know that pineapples do NOT grow on trees - a revelation for me. Below is how they grow (those little rose-colored things are baby pineapples ). Click the image to see it larger.

Yes, they really do grow on the ground!

After taking the train ride and getting some incredibly luscious treats at the gift shop, we took some time for a self-guided tour through the Dole botanical gardens. They are quite beautiful! The painting of a waterlily pond I did to the right is from those gardens.
Can you see orange koi fish swimming just below the rippled surface of the pond?

This painting is available as a fine art print here: Waterlilies

Of course, places like this always have a mural or two with a hole for tourists to peek out for a picture. How could I resist? I'm sure I'll be posting more paintings from the Dole Plantation in the future. Like I said, the gardens are gorgeous, so there is lots to paint!

I'm happy to take custom orders! Contact me to order a custom painting or to have a print made of a painting you like.

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