Autumn Harbor Seascape Plockton Scotland Watercolor Painting

A quaint harbor in remote Plockton, Scotland was the inspiration for this painting. The harbor is on Loch Carron, which is an inlet from the sea in the rugged northern part of Scotland.

I painted this piece to demonstrate to my watercolor students how reflections are made when broken up by movement in the water. The yellows, russets and greens of early Autumn in the trees along the shore make colorful reflections, don't they?


Anonymous said...

This sure ain't Plockton! Artist licence, yes but complete fabrication, no!

Janet Zeh said...

Ha! Perhaps you have a point, Anonymous. The painting started with my photo of Plockton from across the inlet, but in the process of creation got simplified to the point where you don't even recognize the place. Welcome to the artist's world where imagination runs amok. Cheers! :)