Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Pink Crab Apple Blossoms Oil Flower Painting

Delicate pink blossoms are inspired by the crab apple tree in front of my studio in this 5"x7" oil painting on panel.

Of course, It's early March and the snow is still on the ground so my tree is not yet in bloom. But the snow has melted down to less than a foot and the ground is visible in some places. Spring seems just around the corner!

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Kessie said...

Such a lovely pink! My mom has a crabapple and it blooms out this shocking pink magenta. I just love staring at it because it's so garish. Here's a picture I grabbed last year: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29483867@N05/4464014676/

Janet Zeh said...

Oh, how lovely that magenta crabapple is! It doesn't look garish in the photo, though. Love the bee. Nice photograph - you caught it beautifully. :)

Dipti said...

This is a lovely painting Zeh!

Janet Zeh said...

Thanks Dipti. Painting this helps me think of Spring which is coming soon here.