Rose-breasted Grosbeaks Watercolor Painting ACEO

Two beautiful Grosbeaks share a tree on an early Spring day.

If you notice, there is no snow. We've been getting so much of it here, I decided it would be nice to get away from it for a bit and paint an early Spring scene. Though these birds occasionally show up at feeders in the winter months here, normally we see them in the warmer weather.

I've matted this original watercolor painting in a 5"x7" mat and protected it with a crystal clear sleeve so it's ready to display as is or in a 5"x7" frame.

You can see larger pictures and purchase Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in my Etsy shop,

Do you see Rose-breasted Grosbeaks where you are?


Kessie said...

Alas, out in California, we are grosbeakless. The closest thing we have around here are house finches and various kinds of sparrows, ranging from house all the way through white-crowned.

We do get northern juncos who winter here in the valley. They fly around and pick cold, sluggish insects off porch eaves. :-)

Janet Zeh said...

Too bad about that, Kessie. Sparrows can be pretty too, though.
So, if the northern juncos fly your way for the winter, you get the migrators. I just posted a video of a Northern Junco on their listing: Northern Juncos
See if they are the same birds as yours.