White Lilacs watercolor flower painting

White Lilacs watercolor paintingI love lilacs! Any color. I've always wanted a long row of them of various colors. Right now, there are several shrubs in my yard with extra shoots coming up and if I get busy this spring I can dig them up and plant a row. It's a good thing I love them as they are a bit of work to paint with all their tiny blossoms. I hope you can almost smell their fragrance when you look at this painting!
  • This original watercolor painting size 5"x7" was painted with a limited primary palette of three colors - a red, a yellow and a blue. The combination of these colors makes the secondary colors you see here. This palette makes for colorful yet subtle paintings which work well with one another as they all have the same color base.
  • See my artwork for sale at JanetZeh.Etsy.com. Thanks for stopping by to take a look at the lilacs! :)

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