Girl in a Flower Garden with Bluebird - Watercolor Painting

Here is me when I was little.... No, seriously, it's not, but it very well could have been. I loved flowers and animals as I still do. The little girl in this painting is one I met some years ago. Her mother gave me permission to photograph her, but I never did a painting until now. She seemed a perfect fit for this garden scene. If you look closely, you see a look of wonder and delight on her face. Turning around, posies in hand, she caught a glimpse of a garden ornament in the shape of a dragonfly. That's a delight enough, but even better, a bluebird has alighted on the dragonfly's curled tail! I love how this painting turned out with the sunlight coming from behind and shining through the girl's straw hat brightening it like a halo.
  • The original painting is sold, but contact me if you would like a print or a painting done just for you.

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