San Antonio River Walk

When I was in San Antonio, Texas for a military graduation a few years ago, it was December. I was surprised how cold it was - one day it was near freezing!
On a day when it was a bit less frigid, we took a walk along the River Walk which winds through the city. There are many little shops and restaurants along the walk and, when we were there, an outdoor art show was set up as well. I thought it was fortunate that it was cold because that meant the walk was not crowded. If you've ever walked the River Walk, you know that the path is narrow and runs right along the river with no barricade. I hear that people fall in on a regular basis when it's crowded!
There are places where you can get a view of the river in a more natural setting, and this painting shows one of them. In the distance, you can see one of the stone foot bridges that spans the river. I was standing on another of those foot bridges to see this scene. Some of the trees are a winter russet color contrasting with the green of palm trees in this lovely peaceful painting.
  • This painting has been sold.

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