New England Farm, Black Angus Cows, Barn - Watercolor

Very close to where I live, this farm with gently rolling fields makes me want to stop and paint a picture every time I drive by. This is an early autumn scene. You can see that the sun is slanting from an angle and some of the maples are starting to turn red and golden. A couple of black angus cows are headed toward the feed bin.
Stone walls mark the fields in the distance and there are some rock outcrops in the fields. I am always amazed at the thought of the early settlers in New England who not only cut the trees and pulled up the stumps, but cleared out all those rocks as well. They piled them up as they went along to make stone fences. And they did it all without modern machinery. Just trying to dig a small garden is enough for me. Sometimes it seems as if there are more stones than soil!

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