Tabby Cat

I've been recently working on some pet portraits of dogs. They are great fun and I love dogs, but deep down, I'm a cat person at heart. This tabby is doing what cat's do best - nap. What a life! Get up in the morning. Yawn and stretch with the back end up in the air - waggle the tail a bit. Then leisurely pad over to the kitchen to check what's in the food bowl. Maybe hungry for it, maybe not. Well, maybe a bite or two. Clean up the paws a bit. Now the ears. Oh, what the heck, maybe a full head to tail. That's done. Oh my, that was work, time for a nap! Cat's are great eaters and sleepers. A house cat has nothing much else it has to do. But, given a chance, they are terrific hunters too.
This tabby is a house cat, but the black and white I had, Lucy, would go outside. She kept the entire two acres free of moles, most of the mice and the flying squirrels that liked to get into the attic. She'd listen for these nocturnal squirrels at night. (I'd keep her in at night). They'd glide from the eaves to an oak trunk near the house. During the day, Lucy would practice jumping onto that tree just at the spot where they'd land. If she happened to be out at dusk, she'd sit still as a stone at the base of the tree and when a squirrel would fly out of the eaves, she'd be right at that spot to greet it. I can't tell you how she managed to do that.
Anyway, even though Lucy is no longer with us, we still have no squirrels in the attic, no moles in the lawn, and I think the stray that comes around for a bowl of food keeps the mice away. Cat's are great!

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