Bermuda Gateway through the Cliff

This painting is #60 of the Zeh Bermuda Collection.

The south shore of Bermuda is lined with coral cliffs. One day as my sisters and I were strolling along the beach at sunset, watching the Bermuda Longtails (seabirds) flying to their nests in the cliff crevices, I noticed this stairway going straight up one of the cliffs to a stone archway with a gate. Since it may have led to a private residence, I didn't climb the stairs, but did take a photo. I'm enchanted by a pathway that leads around a bend. It holds such mystery - where does it lead? This archway abuts a natural opening in the cliff on one side and has a man-made wall on the other.
Painting it now, I do wish I'd investigated further, but then perhaps it would lose the mystery!

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