Cerulean Warbler

The Cerulean Warbler is a bird of the high treetops of a deciduous forest. I've pictured this warbler in one of the aspen trees which grow abundantly in the woods surrounding my studio. It's not easy to spot a cerulean warbler since they nest and forage up near the top of the canopy. Their soft cerulean blue color is the color of the sky - it's one of my favorite colors in my palette which made it more of a pleasure to paint this bird.
Here are some facts about the Cerulean Warbler:
It breeds from central Minnesota east and south to North Carolina and Arkansas
It winters in the western mountain ranges of northern South America in broadleaved evergreen trees.
It binds its cuplike nest together with spider webs. If a nest fails, the female will start a new one with new materials, but reuses the spider web from the old nest.
It has a small population in North America and is declining throughout its range, prompting consideration for inclusion on the Endangered Species list.
Unlike the male's sky blue, the female is a blue-green color. She leaves the nest in an unusual manner, jumping off with her wings folded to plummet down for a bit before spreading her wings to fly. Some have referred to it as "bungee jumping!"
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