Louisiana Waterthrush

Despite its name, this tiny bird is not a thrush but a warbler. It is about the size of a chipping sparrow and when it comes to the very edge of the yard I can't tell from a distance which it is until I get the binoculars out. If those aren't handy, a clue is that this bird will not come out into the lawn like the chipping sparrow, but stays at the very edge of the woods. It is very similar to the Northern Waterthrush but has a white breast and eye stripe rather than buff-colored.
I suspect that when I don't see it, it is down by the stream as waterthrushes love stony wet areas to hunt for food. They WALK rather than hop which is interesting. Perhaps it's because they must pick their way carefully over the slippery rocks by the water.
Here, I've painted our Louisiana Waterthrush in its preferred environment by my ferny stream!
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