Red Hibiscus

This painting is # 38 of the Zeh Bermuda Collection

This is a stunning red flower I found blooming away with other red and yellow Hibiscus in an abandoned field in Bermuda.

Here's an update on the Robin's nest in case you're wondering. For those of you who are new to my posts, I woke one morning a few weeks ago to a number of rustling noises in the large lilac bush outside my upstairs bedroom window. When I looked out, I found a robin weaving a nest almost hidden, but if I looked sideways through the screen, I could see her. Despite my continued interest in the happenings in the lilac, the robin seems undisturbed. Maybe the screen offers enough protection. I wouldn't dare remove it in order to see better.
For the last week, every time I've looked, I've seen her sitting on that nest. I began to wonder if she ever left, although she has to eat! This evening when I checked, she was gone, and as my eyes adjusted in the dwindling light, I could make out four turquoise-blue eggs. She didn't stay away long. When I checked back several minutes later, there she was, back on that nest. She is incredibly patient waiting for those little babies to hatch!

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