Bermuda South Shore Watercolor Painting

This painting is #36 of the Bermuda Collection.
Along the south shore of Bermuda, you'll find ocean that is as beautiful as anywhere in the world. It's absolutely breathtaking! This particular spot really brings me back to Bermuda when I look at it. It's impossible to forget the color of that water. You stand there with your sunglasses on and think, "This can't be real. It must be my sunglasses." So, you take them off to check out the color. It's even more astounding!
Here you can see the long shadow of late afternoon cast across the pink coral sand. Beyond the near breakers is the impossibly beautiful turquoise water. Farther out, beyond the outcrops you see more breakers where the water hits the coral reef. Out there the color of the ocean is violet at this time of day. Overhead a pair of Bermuda Longtails dip and glide.
I hope you enjoy the beauty of this scene. It will add a touch of tranquility to your surroundings.

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