Eastern Bluebird & Hibiscus

This painting is #13 in a series of original Zeh paintings called the BERMUDA COLLECTION.
Eastern bluebirds are indigenous to Bermuda and at one time flew in flocks of 50 or more throughout the islands. When the House sparrow was introduced to Bermuda in the late 1800's, it competed with the bluebird for nesting sites in tree and cliff hollows and under the eaves of houses. Bluebirds were no match for the more competitive sparrow, and the Bermuda cedar tree became the last refuge for its habitat. But when the cedars were decimated by scale in the 1940's, most of the dead trees which provided the appropriate nesting hollows were taken down, further hampering the bluebird's ability to thrive.
Today, the bluebird is completely dependant on nesting boxes erected by concerned bird-lovers of Bermuda. You will see bluebird boxes lined up in rows in parks, golf courses and private homes. Bermudians are determined to save their beloved bluebird!

  • The original painting is sold, but contact me if you would like a print or a painting done just for you.

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