Bermuda Longtails Watercolor Painting

These beautiful sea birds are found only on Bermuda, I'm told. They come to land only in spring nesting season, spending the rest of the year out on the open water mainly in the Sargasso Sea.
They were nesting while I was recently there, soaring and swooping over the water and toward the coral cliffs lining the beaches. They make their nests in crevices in the cliffs. Once the young are fledged in June, they are ready to fly back out to sea.
In this painting you see the turquoise water near the shore, the breakers in the distance as the sea crashes onto the coral reef, and farther out, the deep violet water of the ocean past the reef. The colors of the water are always changing depending on the time of day and whether the sun is out. But the turquoise is always startling in its beauty - the postcards do not lie about that!
This painting is #16 in a series of original Zeh paintings called the BERMUDA COLLECTION.

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