American Flamingos

This is an original art card painting, ACEO (Art Card Edition Original). The image size is the same as a baseball card.

American flamigos are wading birds as tall as Great Blue Herons but slimmer. When they feed on algae, crustaceans and small mollusks, their heads or bills are immersed in the water.
They are found on the Florida coast, West Indies, Yucatan and Galapagos Islands in salt flats and salt-water lagoons.

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Afrikitty said...

My name is Elizabeth Langerak and I am an avid fan of Janet's work. I own this fabulous artwork. The colours of this work cannot be shown to their full advantage on a computer monitor. Much of the detail is lost too. Janet uses bright, vivid hues and colours in her work. It stops vaguely short of realism and that is where I find the charm in her work. Her subjects leap out, off the canvas and you find yourself staring in wonder, eyes wide. Your imagination takes over. Where is that flamingo going to? Oh, the colour.... You wait in expectation to see the rich salty, water behind the bird, that is home to the food that causes the bird's feathers to become pink, or red, depending on where they are and what they eat. They fly in, in groups in the evening, in a holding pattern through the deep blue evening sky over the great lakes of Africa, coming in to land after a day of frolicking who knows where, about 20 or 30 birds at a time. And always they come in from the west. Like aeroplanes, you see one group land, but off in the distance there is another coming. On and on they come in their thousands, their landings perfectly timed. You look around, expecting to see a control tower, as if on a runway, but there is none. Finally, as the twilight wanes and the dusk turns to night, the lake is covered with their colour and you are struck with the awe and wonder of it all. Their long graceful necks lowered, heads upside down, as they gently filter through the water with their specially designed bills for that food that makes them so beautiful. You see all of this in your mind's eye, while gazing at the work. That is the sheer wonder of true artistic creation, matched only by the mind of the great Creator of the Universe who has blessed an artist in this manner. In today's art world, where I find that most work is as abstract as the artist's mind, it is wonderfully refreshing to see the work of God portrayed with this kind of beauty. Your breath is blown away in the dusk as you marvel. I have marvelled and I can testify. I have seen and I can witness. My senses have been regaled, my imagination piqued and my day is made and the dream lingers on. Until the next work.....of glorious art.

Anonymous said...

Wow, afrikitty, thanks for sharing the thoughts of at true ART APPRECIATOR. There is a wondrous imagination at work here! Nice how a piece of artwork can inspire it...